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Peking House - Meh

Peking House

Peking Chinese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Peking House is a Chinese food place, just south of the Medical center off of Beckham and 5th.  For some reason it took me a long time to give this place a try.  They have a drive through, so I pulled up and placed my order.  Overall a very convenient way to pick up some Chinese grub on the way home.

The spread:  Their menu is your typical American Chinese restaurant.  Egg rolls, fried rice, lo mein, various combinations of beef and chicken with different veggies and sauces.  I tried some egg rolls, lo mein, fried rice, and kung pao chicken.

The verdict:  Below average.  The food was prepared relatively quickly and the service was friendly enough.  The food was just under-seasoned and relatively bland.  Especially when there are two competing Chinese food places within a mile or two (Cheng's and Liang's), this place falls flat.  If you were absolutely crunched for time, or just didn't want to get out of your car to pick up your food, then this place would suffice in a pinch.  I would say that the quality is better than that of Ming's down in south Tyler.

Edible Tyler Roses:  2 out of 5.

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