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Daniel Boone's - everything I hate about theme restaurants

Daniel Boone's Grill and Tavern

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Daniel Boone's is a chain restaurant located off of Troup and the loop in the Old Albertson's parking lot.  It isn't much to look at from the outside with very little decor or signage to indicate a restaurant.  On the inside, they really went all out decorating this place.  I was impressed with the decor, it is cheesy mountain man/Daniel Boone theme, but it is great for kids.  I was reluctant to try this place, mostly because the commercials seemed to be advertising for an older crowd, but my wife wanted to give it a try because she thought it would be family friendly.

The spread:  They offer your standard American cuisine with southern classics (fried pickles, frito pie, etc.), salads, nachos, chicken dishes, fish dishes, chicken fried steaks, burgers, etc.  They have a fairly large menu that is similar to Cracker Barrel (minus the breakfast items).  They also offer free beans and free ice cream.

The verdict:  Well I was pleasantly surprised by the decor, and it was definitely family friendly at first (loud enough so kids being a little loud just blended in).  I got two kinds of beans, their regular pinto beans were underseasoned (not salted properly) and their chili style beans tasted like the same beans plus a can of chili mixed in (again underseasoned).  But I figured, hey they are free who am I to complain.  The servers, the hosts and probably the kitchen as well all consisted of sweet, inexperienced, young kids.  We waited one full hour for our food to arrive.  Our waitress came to our table three times in one hour.  Once to take our order, once to refill drinks and once to tell us that the kitchen was a little backed up and our food would be right out (that was about 50 minutes in).  I don't know about you, but 50 minutes to get out food is more than a little 'backed up'.  We left, our kids were done, we were done.  It was one of the worst food experiences I have had in Tyler.  The food could be just fine, but I seriously doubt that a kitchen that takes more than an hour to get out an order of grilled cheese, a hamburger and chicken fried steak is going to put out anything but sub-par food.  We left, paying for our drinks and when I spoke to the hostess, she was obviously out of her league dealing with the situation.  Every aspect of this place that I experienced was amateurish - there is a clear lack of leadership in this establishment.

Edible Tyler Roses: 0 out of 5, they don't care about service or their customers.

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