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Salsarita's is a chain Tex-mex/mexican restaurant that is located just north of the loop and Troup. From the outside, the place looks great. Vibrant colors and neat designs with a lot of glass to show off the inside. You mosey up to the counter, place your order and wait at a table to have it delivered. Some people have compared it to Chipotle (higher end Tex-mex/mexican fast food).

The spread: Salsarita's offers a pretty good selection of your Tex-mex fare. They offers tacos (with your choice of tortilla and meat), burritos, nachos, quesadillas, salads, and enchiladas. I like all the choices they offer with each selection, you can really customize your food. If you want guacamole, go for it! Sour cream? Sure! It is similar to Subway and Chipotle as the food is made right there in front of you. I tired a couple of different kids of tacos, a burritos, the nachos and the quesadillas.

The verdict: Well, I was slightly disappointed with the food. The tacos were fresh and decent, but the meat was a little bland. The burrito was also average - not a lot of flavor in the meat/beans. The quesadillas was great and the kids devoured it. I was disappointed in the nachos, the chips were a little stale and the toppings a little bland. It was a little more than I intended to spend on fast food, but the quality was definitely better than the other choices for fast mexican food (taco bell, taco bueno). The food at Chipotle is hands down better as a comparison, but it is slightly more expensive as well (and you don't have as many choices). The food was prepared quickly and the place was clean. The place is kid-friendly, but with the caveat that it isn't toddler friendly. They also offer catering, which is where I think Salsarita's would really shine. The best deals are on the bulk/volume tacos/burritos and I think the price would match the quality in that regards.

Edible Tyler Roses: 2 out of 5, slightly disappointing in quality. Would recommend for catering.

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