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Sonoma Grill - Pretentious or Delicious?

Sonoma Grill on Urbanspoon

Sonoma Grill
5875 Old Bullard Rd
Ste 500

Tyler, TX 75703
(903) 534-9779

Sonoma Grill is an unassuming restaurant located just to the west of the mall in Tyler off of Old Bullard road. From the street it looks pretty fancy and visually looks like a vibrant, hip, happening place - which is why my wife and I (kids in tow) have avoided the place. We stopped by one night for one of our 'date nights'.

The spread: They claim to have a California style, which for me is a little off putting (being a good ole Texas boy), but they have a diverse menu. The appetizers range from calamari, mussels, bruschetta, crab cakes and quesadillas. They offer a myriad of salads from the standards to more interesting fair (shrimp and sea scallop, salmon, hazelnut caprino, hearts of palm). They also have pizzas and various pastas (fettucini, beef stroganoff, shrimp scampi). The entrees are also varied, with burgers, various chicken dishes 9chiken madeira, fontina, carpino, marsala), a few fish dishes (salmon, tilapia, shrimp), and steaks (filet, rib-eye, sirloin, chopped). For dessert you can choose from cheescakes, pecan pie and creme brulee. I sampled the bruschetta, crab cakes, chicken fettucini, rib-eye, macaroni and cheese and the creme brulee.

The verdict: I have to say that I was not excited about going to Sonoma Grill. It looks like a place where hip people go to eat bland, tasteless food and act superior. Boy was I wrong!!! This is an outstanding restaurant that really cares about food. Every aspect of the meal was outstanding. The waitress was the best I have had in Tyler, attentive, unobtrusive, knowledgeable and friendly. Everything I tasted was excellent. The rib-eye was cooked a perfect medium rare and packed full of flavor. My wife's fettucini was outstanding. The mac and cheese was the best I have had, creamy, cheesy, yum! The bruschetta and crab cakes were also solid and fresh. But, they saved the best for last in the creme brulee - it is the best I have had in Tyler. The meal was also very reasonably priced, especially over its main competitors (Jakes, Rick's).

Edible Tyler Roses: 4.5 out of 5. Best value for a steak in Tyler.

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